2017 Volkswagen Golf

If reports are true, then the 2017 Volkswagen Golf would be introduced in to the market in 2017 as well as not 2020, as several people believe. This new model boast of a design that is not simply very smart but also extremely aggressive. Each of the diverse engine option accessible packs a lot of power as well as punch and the Volkswagen Golf would also boast of several new equipment.

Volkswagen Golf  2017

Volkswagen Golf 2017

Exterior and Interior

The new 2017 Volkswagen Golf has a new platform and is as well smaller in size. Overall, it would look and feel extremely contemporary – more so, than the preceding models. Some change have been prepared to the exteriors, counting irregularly formed headlights. The grille has as well been altered to look narrower than the one used on the preceding model. The bumper has a few thrilling details that aid to make it look extremely contemporary in addition to complex.

Volkswagen Golf  2017  Interior

Volkswagen Golf 2017 Interior

As for the interiors of the new 2017 VW Golf, not much info is available. However, the company would try to not make the cabin look too showy though this does not in any means imply that it will not have some extremely nice features. The steering wheel would have a leather trim as well as the similar goes for the gearshift lever. The cabin as well boasts of LED reading light for all four seats and a pleasant infotainment system is as well included.

 Engine and Mileage of 2017 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf  2017  Engine

Volkswagen Golf 2017 Engine

In all likelihood, the 2017 VW Golf would be powered by a turbo charged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine which is competent of producing 300 horse power and about 380 pound feet of torque. The power from the engine would be transmitted to each of the four wheel of the vehicle throughout a high performance clutch as well as a 6-speed manual broadcast. Volkswagen might also present a hybrid version.

Price and Release Date of 2017 Volkswagen Golf

As mentioned the 2017 Volkswagen Golf would in all probability be initiated in the year 2017. Volkswagen will perhaps also launch the concept car in 2016, which is while the company will as well release more information about its new VW Golf 8. The company has not officially stated what the cost tag of the car would be but we could assume that it would cost at least 20.000 dollars.

Volkswagen Golf  2017  Rear View

Volkswagen Golf 2017 Rear View

This model would have a stunning and aggressive design, influential engines and a bigger selection of package and equipment. The new Volkswagen Golf 2017 would be significantly lower, with altered aerodynamics as well as platform.

Compact and Comfortable: Volkswagen Golf 2017: Video

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