2015 BMW 228i Coupe Provides More Space Representing Graceful Styling

2015 BMW 228i Coupe is bringing improved styling, upgraded materials and size, besides better handling. The new version is coming as all-wheel drive.

2015 BMW 228i Coupe

2015 BMW 228i Coupe

Exterior and Interior of 2015 BMW 228i Coupe

The exterior is significant offering sleeker and smoother look. In every respect it looks better proportioned, wider, longer and more spacious. The vents, curves the size increase angles all together offer an artful and graceful way of styling. The relative long hood, stubby tail representing classic sports coupe proportion, the arched roof in combination manages an echo look.

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Interior

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Interior

The cabin is clearly driver-centric featuring easy access with instruments and controls. Materials look good and equally feel good.  BMW offers an array of trim lines and upgrades to customize the preference of the car buyer’s.  The cabin is spacious and the ample front seat space allows a range of adjustability for the steering and seating, besides the wheel position. The rear seat is roomier. There is easy entry function improving the rear seat accessibility. The cargo space is less impressive, but the rear seats may be split folded making more space for larger cargo. The upfront has a glove box, two cup holders and large door pockets to stow small items.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 BMW 228i Coupe

This coupe is coming with two engines, a 2.0 ltr turbocharged four-cylinder liberating power of 240 hp and the torque is 258 pound ft, a 3.0 ltr turbocharged inline six-cylinder giving out 322hp and torque 332 pound feet. Standard is the rear-wheel drive and the all-wheel drive is also available.  The models of rear-drive have manual six-speed or automatic eight-speed transmission.  Yet the all- wheel drive variants are not yet revealed.

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Engine

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Engine

Despite the powerful engines this series offers gas mileage in rear-drive form as 22 mpg city, 34 mpg highway and 26 mpg in combination. The new all-wheel-drive models are not rated.

The new package adds variable sport steering, adaptive M suspension system, 18-inch wheels, Michelin pilot super sport tires, M sport brakes and revised springs reducing height by 10mm and this is available on all-wheel and rear drive models.  The new Track Handling Package may cost around $1,600 if chosen with M Sport or Sport Line options and without it the cost is $2,200.

Price and Release Date

Pricing for this series starts from $33,050, raising the cost for the all-wheel-drive to $1,800 to the cost $33,850. The release date is within the first half of 2015.

2015 BMW 228i Coupe is a sporty coupe offering tons of charm. The adaptive suspension, brakes, steering and the upgraded tires make this vehicle exceptionally powerful.

New Upgraded 2015 BMW 228i Coupe: Video

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