2015 Hyundai i40 – Engine and Mileage

2015 Hyundai i40 has emerged as the redesigned version of i40 lines with a lot more attractive features and capabilities. It has been given better infotainment options, a beast of an engine and a well-designed interior. A number of changes have been introduced in it that have made it an appealing car. It is available in sedan and wagon body styles.

Hyundai i40 2015

Hyundai i40 2015

Exterior and Interior

The exterior has been remodeled to make the car appear more suave and get an elite image. New sets of front and rear lights and redesigned front grille are its highlights. Furthermore, the innovated front bumpers that have integrated LED fog lights are impossible to ignore. You can choose from the freshly designed alloy wheels in 16-inches and 18 inches.

Hyundai i40 2015 Side View

Hyundai i40 2015 Side View

The interior of i40 is a combination of comfort, tranquility, and loads of practical sense. Pay attention to the gear knob, arm rests and steering wheel that are actually significant touch points and you will notice that very elegant and smooth materials of high standard have been used. An upgraded navigation system has been provided. There is a 7-inch TFT screen that has better graphics, 3-D display mode and enhanced functionality. Audio system has also been made better while there is an addition of DAB radio.

Engine and Mileage Details

Hyundai i40 2015  Rear View

Hyundai i40 2015 Rear View

i40 is available with a very strong power-oriented engine. It uses a diesel-based 1.7 liter unit giving outputs in two versions. The higher version is not only known for giving more power but also for being favored by many drivers. It gives the power of 139 bhp and a torque of 251 lb.-ft. at 1750 rpm.

Choosing the lower power version in Saloon model will offer you the acceleration of 0-60 mph in 12.4 seconds and for the Tourer model, it is 12.6 seconds. The higher power version will give the acceleration in 10.3 and 10.5 seconds for Saloon and Tourer models respectively. The two engine variants are mated with a 6-speed manual while the higher power version can also be integrated with an automatic gear box.

2015 Hyundai i40 – Price and Release Date

Hyundai i40 2015

Hyundai i40 2015

The cost of i40 has not been declared yet. However, it is speculated that it will be higher for this version because of enhanced features. It will be released in the US markets in mid or late 2015.

i40 has been given a makeover that will make it more attractive for drivers, who look for improved functionality, better mileage and an appealing exterior. It has a potent engine that delivers exceedingly well in two outputs. The price of 2015 Hyundai i40 has not been announced yet.

 Video: Well Designed 2015 Hyundai i40

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