2015 Lincoln Continental

2015 Lincoln Continental is undoubtedly a unique-looking car because of which, it could be termed as a head turner. Its rich, classy with unmatched style.

Lincoln Continental - 2015

Lincoln Continental – 2015

Exterior and Interior

The Lincoln model may not be dashing by current standards but it is pleasing to the eye for sure. The car has the retro look, which makes it a reliable option. You will also appreciate its fantastic cargo area, which can be very easily accessed because of its unique lid. The lid slides upwards and stacks up providing a good amount of space. There will be LED headlamps, which are now standard in most of the cars in the market but its 22 inches wheels are exceptional. Moreover, the grille will become more robust and have an extra muscular appeal. For the parking lights, neon LED lighting will be used. Continental will be available in its classic silver sea color; details of other colors are not yet available.

Lincoln Continental  2015 Interior

Lincoln Continental 2015 Interior

The inside look of the car is full of comfort offering features. The leather-covered steering wheel not only allows a good grip but also adds sophistication to the overall interior scenario. Like the previous Lincoln models, this one will also be equipped with THX Sound System, which offers surround sound, which is especially nice to listen to inside the quiet cabin of the Continental. Airbags have been provided for utmost safety and the dashboard displays collision warning system, lane change assist, parking assist, and a monitor for avoiding the blind spot. The seats are comfortable with bolsters for easy journey even for long hours; the rear row seats will have special reclining facility. Most probably, the upholstery will be of leather and every seat will have heating option.

Engine and Mileage

Lincoln Continental 2015  Side View

Lincoln Continental 2015 Side View

Official reports regarding the engine are still awaited and there will be more than two options. However, most believe that 2015 Continental will have a V-6 turbocharged 2.7 engine. Its estimated horsepower is 270. With its V-6 turbocharged version, it can be estimated that the car will have good and steady acceleration. Moreover, research has proven that V-6 turbocharged engines are better than V-8 engines. The Continental’s mpg details are yet to arrive.

2015 Lincoln Continental – Price and Release Data

The automaker has not yet revealed the price of the car but as per speculations, it should start from $60,000. Watch for the Continental in the last months of 2015.

The Continental is a typical city car, which comes with good comfort and safety features. Hence, if you want a car, which looks good and promises easy driving, you could go for 2015 Lincoln Continental.

Elegant & Classy Lincoln Continental – Video:

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