2015 Renault SPORT RS 1

Renault is reiterating its attention for electric motor sporting actions with the 2015 Renault sport RS 1, a racing auto of spectacular design and outstanding performance. From 2015 Renault Sport R.S. 01 would certainly be one of the celebrity of world Collection by Renault in a new champion the Renault  sport Trophy a spring board for the proficient GT and as well Endurance champions.

Renault SPORT RS 1  2015

Renault SPORT RS 1 2015

Exterior and Interior

The aerodynamics is as well designed for utmost lap time. The 2015 Renault sport RS 1 should not simply look good, but as well quickly come to the curve. The back is dominated by an enormous back wing that supports the potent diffuser in the explore for output. The front is intended for high output: however A splitter under the bumper in addition to the stepped under-body are simply part of the obscurity. In the middle of the grille is sucked while driving air channel through a bug-shaped projection of the framework and sent to the two water cooler.

Renault SPORT RS 1  2015  - Side View

Renault SPORT RS 1 2015 – Side View

The crouching appear is emphasized by the light of the signature LED daytime running lights next to the opening for the brake cooling. A steel roll cage protect the driver in the occasion of a crash, while a Sabelt bucket seat with a six-point harness provide a comfortable ride and extra protection on the track. The car is also fitted with a collapsible steering column.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Renault sport RS 1

Renault SPORT RS 1  2015  - Rear View

Renault SPORT RS 1 2015 – Rear View

V6 mid-engine, 2 turbochargers, 3.8 liters, 500 horsepower, an utmost torque of more than 600 Nm at 6,800 / min, a weight of simply 1,100 kilograms because of a lightweight carbon fiber body in addition to a top speed of more than 300 km / h – by now the datasheet of the new Renault RS 01 promise spectacular driving enjoyment. Renault R. S. celebrate debut at the Moscow Motor Show. At Moscow Motor Show the make cup race 2015 Renault sport RS 1for the first time formally presented. The design look beefy and aggressive.

Release date and Price of 2015 Renault sport RS 1

As for the price, new 2015 Renault Sport R. S. 01 will be about $125.000, however this is all rumors, time will tell.

Renault SPORT RS 1 2015 - FI

Renault SPORT RS 1 2015 – FI

Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a racing vehicle of extraordinary design, symbolizing Renault’s fervor for electric motor sporting actions. 2015 Renault sport RS 1is an astonishing racing vehicle in the purest custom of GT.

Unlimited Power and Performance: Renault Sport RS 1: Video

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