2015 Rolls Royce Wraith

2015 Rolls Royce Wraith is an extremely exciting new car with lot of attractive features and immense performance. This car was designed plain but very attractive when we see it. Its design is however similar to Rolls Royce Ghost sedan.

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015

Exterior and Interior

Special splendor to give by 19-inch wheels. Lower, compare to the Ghost sedan, the center of gravity as well as shorter 18.3 cm wheelbase create the handling much better. The body is assemble from steel sections, which are attach to the steel panels that are process manually. This allow to obtain seamless joint, which are then manually refined to achieve perfect softness.

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015 - Interior

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015 – Interior

For control of media scheme with a hard disk 20.5 GB is a “Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller” with touch-sensitive outside, the perception of gesture used in smart phones, and handwriting recognition letters. Auto complex has a capability of 1300 watts and features an 18 speakers. In adding 1340 fiber optic light source on the ceiling copy the starry sky. For the first time this decoration is available on any Rolls-Royce exterior the Phantom family.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015 - Engine

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015 – Engine

2015 Rolls Royce Wraith has a 6.6-liter engine, 624 horsepower, V12 twin-turbo, and 590 lb-ft of torque is the similar as in Ghost. in addition, have an 8-speed automatic broadcast and air suspension. Machine released 60 mph in 4.4 second. This machine is louder at complete speed than other Rolls. With 17 feet, 2.5 inches, this auto is a great car.The damping is so decently determined that no arrangement of corner or rough squeezing would bombshell its poise. It moves to a point in corner, however never to uncomfortable plot. yet again, stately.

Release date and Price of 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith

2015 Rolls Royce Wraith will be present in the marketplace at the end of this year. Only a few months this auto will be present at the dealership. We just hope that this auto will be a formidable contestant to the car class.Rolls Royce is approaching £235,000 for the Wraith, yet this cost will inescapably increase when purchasers start to redo the aut.

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015 - Rear View

Rolls Royce Wraith 2015 – Rear View

It is known that young people were not so far particularly interested in Rolla Royce as branded cars. 2015 Rolls Royce Wraithamazed all the visitors with its stylishness, dynamism and luxury while shining on its platform.

Rich and Elegant: Rolls Royce Wraith: Video

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