2016 Lexus GX

Circling the cost of the 2016 Lexus GX global. This family car with 7 seats is anticipated to be developed from the preceding model in conditions of Uni-body approach and it would be held for more performance as well as visually it would seem nicer and fuel consumption would be reduced a lot. Also on a new Lexus GX  2016 would be greater choice of well-liked colors are white, bright red, metallic blue as well as certainly, classic black. It would be much heavier than its precursor because on this model uses lots more aluminum.

Lexus GX 2016

Lexus GX 2016

Exterior and Interior

2016 Lexus GX has gone throughout big changes while it comes to the exterior of the car. It would be longer than preceding models thus they would have more space within the vehicle. They would have a more contemporary look for the grid as well as sharpness air supply that would appear on the front insistently. LED lights have this time selected for the front and back headlights.

Lexus GX 2016 - Inteior

Lexus GX 2016 – Inteior

Inside the new Lexus GX 2016 would have entertainment system in addition to new security features what its present version does not have. They would have a lot of redesign while it comes to seats that would be covered with leather as the seats behind which would  be held for heat control seating on 3 levels.

 Engine and Mileage of 2016 Lexus GX

Lexus GX 2016 - Engine

Lexus GX 2016 – Engine

2016 Lexus GX is anticipated with standard engine of 4.6 liters as well as a V8 engine whose horsepower to 310 as well as has a torque of 330 lb-ft. There would be a lot more powerful than its precursor because it would have better fuel consumption.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Lexus GX

The starting price would be around $ 53.000, and with the level of equipment change and price. There is no precise information when the car comes out however rumors say that it will come out at the ending of 2015 and maybe even the start of the year 2016.

Lexus GX 2016 - Side and Rear View

Lexus GX 2016 – Side and Rear View

Although being known as one of the main brands for premium car, Lexus seem to also join the marketplace of off-road SUV in fact in high class throughout its GX 460 series. That is why for those who desire to drive rightly in off-road throughout premium class in driving this grand car should be selected by you.2016 Lexus GX is rumored to be one of the latest cars that is primed by Lexus and being announced soon for implementation their SUV car line-up.

Luxurious and Comfortable SUV: Lexus GX 2016: Video

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