2017 BMW i8

If you find several new sport cars that would be released in this year, you have to take a look at 2017 BMW i8. It’s the latest from BMW, a new sport auto series that will be released in this year by well-known automobile corporation BMW. People who like sport cars would love to see what features that this vehicle has.

BMW i8 2017

BMW i8 2017

Exterior and Interior

This new BMW i8 would be around 1,485 kg (3,273 lbs) which is not too weighty. This car will run entirely fine with its two doors with an extremely dynamic and innovative body shape design. This car would be provided in several varieties of colors from dark to neon, for example black, silver, green in addition to red. You will feel pleased to see that this car would be perfectly appropriate with the sport cars that you actually want for a long time.

BMW i8 2017

BMW i8 2017

The BMW does not make any authorized announcement for this auto yet since the manufacture would make the launch of this car become the surprising news for car lovers. But several rumor said that 2017 BMW i8 interior will be extremely sporty, for example the seating would look very sharp and the cabin would look so contemporary with the leather stuff that used in it. This car will promise you a grand design of sport cars in the year.

Engine and Mileage of 2017 BMW i8

BMW i8 2017 - Engine

BMW i8 2017 – Engine

2017 BMW i8 engine would use the three cylinder engine with 1.5 liter capability of gasoline engine or else four cylinder with 2.0 liter gasoline engine. This engine might produce up to 450 horsepower that would make this car so powerful on the road, and an electric motor with 204 HP. By using this engine, this auto will be extremely different from its preceding series approximately 100 horsepower.

Release date and Price of 2017 BMW i8

The release date of this new car is expected to be on the second half of 2017 with an initial price of about $ 137, 000.

BMW i8 2017 - Rear View

BMW i8 2017 – Rear View

BMW i8 2017 will be one of the extraordinary sport cars of the year owing to its features and technology. Of course this auto will be equipped with new advanced hybrid technology that will create this car become friendlier in addition to modern. The manufacturer promised that this car which would be launched in the next year will make you feel astonished and amazed by the technology that is used in this 2017 BMW i8.

Stunning and Powerful: BMW i8 2017: Video

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